Ea’s ‘Apex Legends’ Tops ‘Fortnite’ Record With 25 Million Signups In A Week

If you have been hearing about an online battle royale video game which is very famous these days and every individual around you who is interested in video games is playing that game then this cannot be any other game than Apex Legends. Now you must be thinking that how this guy guessed it right then you should know that there is nothing difficult to guess this game because this is the game which crossed more than 25 million sign-ups in its first week breaking the record of every other online video games.

How Apex Legends Managed To Get 25 Million Sign-Ups In Its First Week

This game before its launch was very much in news around the world of video games and online gaming, every other gamer was desperately waiting for this game to try his hands in it. When this game launched every good or bad gamer signed up for this game because there was so much buzz created around this game and this game is really worth it. An online battle royale game which is free to play which has some great features have this tendency to break such records of a number of sign-ups in this amount of time period.

Is Apex Legends Really Worthy OF This Hype

If you really want to know the answer to this question you really need to sign up for this game and you can play it for free because it is a free to play a game where you do not have to pay anything. Once you sign up for this game then you will get addicted to it because it really has some amazing features and if you have any trouble playing this game then you can look for apex legends hacks to make your game better and smooth.

You really need to try your hands in this game because sign up of 25 million people in its first week is the testimony that it is an amazing game.