Epic Games Will Not Distribute Fortnite To Google Play Store

Playing a game is the perfect method for getting entertained. While there are many more ways for entertainment, it has become the ideal one. Now if we talk about the best game, then the name of Fortnite can’t be ignored by anyone. This is such an amazing game which is developed by Epic Games.

However, the developer announced that it is going to stop the distribution of fortnite game on Google Play Store. In fact, the company has decided the direct distribution of the game. The Android players will be allowed to download the game along with the Fortnite Installer program so that they can enjoy the game. Well, this is just a rumor, and there is no confirmation yet.

What are the fortnite modes?

Fortnite game comes in three different modes which are Fortnite: Save the World, Fortnite battle royale, and Fortnite Creative. In these modes, the players basically play against the zombies and other players. Most of the players always like to play battle royale, and their motto is becoming the last person at the battle ground. For this, they just need to go for attacking and defense. Also, they are required to pay proper attention to survival, which is the main theme of the entire game.

Play with friends

The players are allowed to play solo or go with the option of a duo or in a squad. Well, when it comes to the best option, then it is a duo and squad. Playing with friends is always better than playing alone. There are many different reasons behind this. The main reason is that we can enjoy on a huge level by playing with our friends.

Also, we can learn many things by playing with other players who are good. If you just have started to play, then it will be the ideal option. Always try to play with friends as they can support when it is required. On the other hand, if none of the friends is available to play, then we can play with some random players. However, there will be low chances to play because we can’t coordinate properly with the random people in a proper manner.

The building is the key to defense

The players of fortnite should have knowledge related to the way of using building material. This is the key to defense, so it is important to learn to build. If you are not familiar with the building, then it is advised to take advantage of the training area. This is the place, where the players can pick any building material and get control over the tactics.

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