Blockchain And Cryptocurrency In Gaming: Pros And Cons

Many video games have now an option to make purchases from actual money. The video game currency that is held by a player can be bought from actual money and can also be earned through completing various tasks and mission. Game developers are now aiming to incorporate blockchain technology to tokenize the in-game virtual currency and other assets so that they can be traded out of the game, too.

On the other hand, certain other developers are using a cryptocurrency as an in-game currency which can not only be used to make in-game purchases but can also be traded on stock exchanges and be held outside the gaming realm. PokerQQ brings out the pros and cons of such advancement in the gaming industry.

What are the advantages?

Definitely, it becomes easier for avid gamers to trade skins, weapons, maps, and other attributes easily if they are secured by blockchain and tokenized. It makes trading very convenient as gamers can offer their tokenized assets at their own price, negotiate, upload it on various e-marketplaces, and so on.

By adding cryptocurrency, more gamers will be attracted as whatever they will earn in the game can be used in real life. This is a great development as gamers will actually be awarded for their endeavors.

What are the disadvantages?

As far as the negative of such development goes, the tokenized assets will only make more and more games move towards offering most of their part to be purchased during gameplay. This will add to the overall price of a game and make it more expensive which could create a deterrent effect. Though many games have already chosen this path and it is now common for games to be monetized this way.

These were some of the pros and cons of using blockchain and cryptocurrency in gaming, listed by PokerQQ.