How To Get More Views On Youtube With New Analytics Tool

Perfect Youtube Views As Well as Analytics Just Here

People believe that by making a video (usually taken in an office corporate setting and telling about a new product) and posting it on YouTube, they can only sit in front of the monitor and watch their recordings see watching.

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you in this matter.

Make friends on YouTube

Many people think that YouTube is a place where everyone watches a video. But, like any other social network, it provides a lot of ways to interact with other users, creating their own community. You need to start making friends with people in your niche, send them private messages and praise them for the videos they post, and also leave comments on the topic.

Increase subscriber base

If there is one sure way to thunder on the whole YouTube, then it is to create a pool of subscribers. A subscriber is someone who receives a notification each time you post a new video, and the importance of such people cannot be underestimated. Channels with a couple of hundreds of subscribers get an excellent opportunity to earn more views, and if the video is really good, it will get organic distribution among subscribers to their friends. Now that you can get more youtube views and that too within the budget.

Create the right tags and descriptions for your videos

Although over the years, YouTube has done everything possible to improve the search for videos, the search itself is still carried out by tags and texts. This means that you need to make every effort to create the correct description and title and make sure that you add all possible suitable video tags.


For those who are not familiar with the terminology – these are such small pictures that appear in front of you on the link to the video. You can choose the icon that will appear after your video has been uploaded. It is vital to pick up something that will force a bunch of people to poke into it immediately.

Distribute your video everywhere

This is pretty obvious, but most people will come to your video not through YouTube, but from other sites. You must hang this video on your website or blog and actively distribute it through other social networks. Well, if you have friends who are always ready to help, and if you think that your video could be hung by another blogger, it would not be a problem to ask him if he would like to support you.

Let’s link to your video

There are tons of content on the Internet that is as good (if not even better) as yours, so you have to do a lot of work to get your video information to everyone. Make links and virtual “pointers” that will lead people to your video. Here, on our page, you will find a small button that leads to our YouTube channel, there are links to it in all our emails, on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and so on.

Leave video responses

This is something that really works great, but it takes a lot of time. In principle, any video on YouTube has a video response option (you can often see them next to the main video button). You yourself, being a regular user, can leave such answers, and if the owner of the original video deems your answer intelligible enough, he will make sure that everyone sees it.