How to Promote Blog Posts For Maximum Visibility

The internet is full of blogs and it is certainly easy starting a blog. However, making your blog popular and increasing its visibility online can be a tough challenge, if not done smartly. But, with a little preparation and planning, you can easily promote your blog to increase its visibility and make it popular online.

Here are some tips you can follow to increase the visibility of your blog:

  1. Start with including content that can be promoted easily and falls under a broader and more detailed topic.
  2. Use XML sitemap to keep popular search engines updated when you post new content.
  3. Share the links to all of your new blogs on your social media accounts. Make sure you share them on your personal and professional accounts, all the groups that you follow and also over regional social media.
  4. Put at least one relevant and good image in each blog post.
  5. If you are using more than one images, place them at a distance and make sure that the text is not broken by them.
  6. Put social media icons n your blog. The readers of the blog must be able to share any information from your blog to their social media accounts by using these icons.
  7. Use quotes from famous people. Make sure your readers can tweet them directly from the icon.
  8. Make your website mobile friendly and fast to load.
  9. Provide good and important information. Do not write long posts with irrelevant data.
  10. Share all new updates from your blog with as many people through email as possible.
  11. Share your posts again after some time of posting them.
  12. Highlight all the important keywords, but make sure that it does not affect the visibility of any of your post.

Make your posts scannable.