Paintball- Common Injuries And Ways To Be Safe From Them

Who around the world does not know about paintball? It is a very controversial game that is very popular especially in the US. It is a game in which people simulate a long combat gun which has paint-filled pellets. The player has to shoot players from the opposite team. The pellets will explode on contact and can travel very fast. Though this is so much fun, it is controversial due to the injuries it causes. These injuries can be prevented if you take a few steps.

Some common injuries and preventions:

  1. Bruises: Whichever game we play, it is very common to have bruises on your knees and legs as there are chances of slipping and falling down. When a paintball is played outside, these may be unavoidable but these days, it is played inside an AC room. In that case, you are given a proper shoe and socks. Wearing it can keep you safe from falling.
  2. Hand injuries: There are chances of getting your palms injured as you are shooting using them and the combat gun here is quite heavy. Indoor paintball requires you to wear thick, proper gloves while playing.
  3. Eye or face injury: The pellets come in a very high speed and it can hit your face or your eyes and sometimes even your ears. This is very dangerous as eyes and face are sensitive. Using big goggles to cover your eyes and a part of your eyes can keep it safe.

Also, it is very important to search and buy the best paintball gun in the world, 2019 to avoid shoulder pain and other injuries. This is a super fun game if you keep yourself safe. Make sure you wear the suit given properly and the perfect shoes, gloves and goggles. Play safely and properly.