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Augmented reality, which was introduced to a larger audience through the Pokemon Go game app, is continually being recreated and reinvented by app and game designers and developers. Pokemon Go probably re-inspired many mobile and online adventurers and also created new ones. Perhaps, being one of those adventurers, as you are completing quests, winning battles, and moving up to new stages in Pokemon Go you are also looking at the possibility of trying new augmented reality apps that takes you to a different adventure, story, or world.

Similar to Pokemon Go, these augmented reality apps are games and at the same time fitness applications that gets you moving and going to different destinations and locations. Here are 5 recommended augmented reality apps that you can you can try.

  1. Temple Treasure Hunt

In this game, you can be a treasure hunter or treasure protector. The Temple Treasure Hunt allows you to play it indoors or outdoors.

  1. The Walk

With a spy thriller adventure plot, The Walk takes you outdoors to different destinations and locations.

  1. SpecTrek

If you want to catch and get rid of ghosts then SpecTrek is the game for you. Using your phone’s GPS and camera, you must locate where the ghosts are spawning and then get rid of them.

  1. Zombies, Run!

While zombies are chasing you, you must collect items. Zombies, Run! gets you running or walking as you go through and complete different missions.

  1. Parallel Kingdom

Parallel Kingdom allows you to slay monsters as you complete quests. Set in the past era of kings and kingdoms, this game uses your current location as your battleground.

Similar hacks and cheats with the pokemon go hack android which break the gaming integrity of Pokemon Go may also be available in other augmented reality apps. It’s always best to avoid using and abusing these kinds of unfair gaming practices and simply play honestly.