How To Get More Saws And Axes: Hay Day

Saws and Axes on Hayday: Possible?

In this article you will find many ways to get these items in the game hay day. As for me, the best way for me personally is at number 2, it’s purely for me personally, how much I don’t play this way is really easier for me. To spin, we save a lot of time than in other ways and so get axes and saws in the game hay day, you can in these ways:


The game hay day is very popular and there are groups or publics on this game in various social networks such as facebook, and there users themselves often leave messages about the exchange of goods, there are such announcements about the exchange of saws and axes, you it only remains to get in touch with this person and agree on an exchange. With the hay day hack deutsch now you will be able to have the perfect details available now.


After level 14, you will have an assistant for your farm. What does he do? He will search for certain goods for you, as there will be both saws and axes, you simply click on the saw or ax icon and he searches for you to look for them. For 1 time he finds several options, you choose where the saws or axes are the most and you buy them, then he brings you and you take them from the box.

After that, he rests for 2 hours, and then he is again ready to fulfill your orders. (He is not looking for building materials). Also after reaching level 14, he is given to you as an assistant for free for 24 hours. After that, you can hire him for crystals, 1 day (24 hours) = 14 crystals.

In the newspaper ads often appear stock on certain products, as there are saws and axes, buy them for the crystals, so you are here to decide to buy or not.

Axes and saws fall out at harvest, but we would note that this method is not very effective than the first three methods, but you get these items for free!

Saws and Axes can be obtained in several ways:

Exchange of goods

In social networks, such as Facebook there are groups about the game Hay Day, which users leave ads with a request to exchange goods. You can find the person who has this product and ask to exchange for the goods that you have.

If you have not reached level 14, then you have a chance to replenish your barn with saws and axes. The fact is that, at level 14 you will have the opportunity to order a slider named Tom. It is he who seeks such goods, not for crystals, but for ordinary coins. He will work for you the first two days. In the future, you can buy it, but only for crystals. But you do not despair, the first two days should be enough for you to purchase these materials. It’s simple: You choose a product -> Send Toma -> He brings in proposals -> You choose an interesting option. He brings in goods in the ordered size.

In the newspaper ads often appear stock for the sale of goods in bulk for a relatively small price. However, they are sold for crystals. Here you decide whether to spend the crystals on the purchase of these goods, or not. Saws and Axes sometimes fall out at harvest. However, this option is not as effective as the first three, however, this is a working way to get a saw or ax for free.