Beer-utiful Craft beer label designs that will make you drink!

Creativity is in everyone’s blood and you can definitely see it everywhere, even in something as simple as beer labels. Nowadays, craft beers is getting a lot of attention, not just because of their exquisite tastes but also on how creatively their labels are designed.

So, here are our selections of amazing craft beer labels around the world that will definitely make you drink up to the last drop!


  • Büffel Beer by Gustavo by Gustavo Paiva
  • Bier Herr Brewery by lud co Studio
  • Limited Edition Vincid Beer by Marco Vincit
  • IndHed™ Craft Beer by by IndustriaHED Branding


  • Swing microbrewery by Simon by Simon Langlois
  • 24th Midtown West Brewing by Ana Reyes
  • Azimuth-Craft Beer by Benji Sahinovic


  • Ah! Beer label by Kaloian Toshev


  • Monyo craft beer brewery by Halisten Studio
  • Craft Beer Identity for by Flying Objects


  • Beer Label for Pissed by Anni Hill


  • Skál Icelandic Beer by Robert Gutmann
  • Noam beer by Acne


  • The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery Identity concept by Alex Mogilnichenko & Denis Bezrukov
  • Eden Cider by Cyril by Cyril Mikhailov
  • Osiris Brew by Stepan by Stepan Solodkov


  • Shower Beer by SNASK Beer by Snask
  • Botanic Ipa by Andreas by Andreas Pedersen
  • BangBang Beer by Snask
  • Thorsteinn Beer by Geir Þorleifur Gunnar Gíslason
  • Samurai Beer by Fanny & Oliver Sjöqvist


  • Howling Coast Beer by Yuga Huang
  • Foxy: Anniversary Edition by by InHouse International
  • Shadow Beer by Zoey by Zoey Chung
  • Rare Barrel – A Sour by Mackenzie Freemire
  • The OTC Brewery by J. Miller Design
  • Fort Point Beer Co by Manual Studio


  • Talas Beer by Anti .
  • Ruseløkka Microbrewery by Nicklas by Nicklas Hellborg

United Kingdom

  • Vocation Brewery Craft Lager by Robot Food

Craft beers are truly an amazing beverage, but giving them creative beer labels is what makes them more amazing! So, are you craving for some craft beer now? Did we get any craft beer labels from your country?