Be A Smart Shopper, Know What to Buy and When to Buy

Who Makes a Good Shopper, a Man or a Woman?

명품쇼핑몰 are said to be a woman’s expertise. Take a woman shopping and she will surely spend all the time going around the mall or supermarket not knowing what to buy. When she comes back, she has a handful of shopping bags.

A man would go straight to the section where the things he needed are displayed, no other way around but the cashier. He will pay for his goods without checking the other displays around.

A man and a woman have different styles and buying perspective. But when it comes to the question of who is a better shopper, a man or a woman? Well, if you are a man, you’ll definitely say man, but if you are a woman, of course, you would choose your own gender.

Let’s see who really is a smart shopper between the two? And let us weigh down the pros and cons of both parties.

Man as a shopper.

  • He never compares prices.
  • Pays right away after seeing the item he wants or needed.
  • He never bargains.
  • He never checked the items for damage

Woman as a Shopper

  • She goes around everywhere looking after every item.
  • She compares one brand to the other.
  • She scrutinizes everything.
  • She always bargains at the lowest price.
  • She compares the item, in terms of quality and price

Now, decide for yourself as to who are better shoppers, a man or a woman? If they are in a luxury mall, who do you think will come out penniless? Is it a man or a woman?

Well, you guess it right, it’s the woman! Even if it is a luxury mall, a woman may still find a way to find the best-priced item and she would never settle for anything less.