Online Vs Console Gaming – The War Between Game Platforms

The gaming industry has been continuously growing, and along with it the quality of games being released. Gamers have always been torn on which platform to enjoy these games in. Online gaming has been gaining steady popularity in the past recent years, but consoles also has built up its status as a mainstay in the gaming industry.

Now, we breakdown the pros and cons of both platforms to see which one is best for your gaming style and preference.

  • Social interaction

Online games basically focus on multiple players around the world playing together. There are more opportunities to build virtual relationships with other either by building teams for competitive playing, or in the case of MMORPGs like Mu Origin 2, by joining guilds in-game for cooperative adventures.

Console games, on the other hand, focus mostly on single-player gaming. There are also multiplayer games in consoles but the number of players that can join is significantly less and is more private compared to online games.

  • Cost

Console games tend to be cheaper, as it will only require you to buy a single console and game for you to enjoy it. With online gaming, it can be very variable but is generally more expensive. Depending on the game you want, you may need an inexpensive gaming pc and a single-purchase game or you might need to shell out more money for a computer with higher specs. There are also games that will require you to pay a monthly subscription to be able to join their online community. And of course, a stable internet connection is needed.

  • Compatibility and modularity

Compatibility issues are less of an issue in console gaming. Once a developer releases a game for a console, it is sure to run on that console almost perfectly. If certain bugs are found, it can easily be fixed with updates. The only drawback isif a new generation console is released, the old consoles tend to become obsolete because developers stop releasing games for it.

With online games, particularly in PCs, there are specific specs requirements that a game needs to run smoothly. The good thing is, PCs are modular and you can just replace the parts that needs to be upgraded to meet certain requirements.