Should Non-Vegan Products Come With Label

Concerning about the health of a person, several people don’t mind having non-vegan products on their menu while others were more conscious of products that contains ingredients coming from animals.

What do you think of it?

A vegan or known as “vegetarian” is a person who practices eating products that came only from plants or etc. and abstain using or eating products that came from animals. Becoming a vegan is a decision a person has to make. But there is a slight difference between vegan and vegetarian.

The Comparison

There are differences between a vegan and a vegetarian. As I may say, vegans are more strict on their diets than vegetarians. For more details about the vegan and vegetarian term you can get it here in this site.

While the vegetarian society is growing in number, many had started to concern about products that contains ingredients coming from animals like those that have dairy or eggs. Although not quiet alarming as it may seems. But it has been a problem to them who practices such things. In your point of view what should we do to those non-vegan products?

To Non-Vegan Products 

So what should it be then? Do you agree with, to put some labels on the non-vegan products or do you seem to not mind on their concerns? Well for me, I don’t really mind having a label on those products that are non-vegan. In that way, vegetarians will quickly know about those products that has animal ingredients.

Anyway that just a little concern we face in our society. I’d rather suggest that you pay more attention on complex problems like concerns about drugs, hungry people in Africa and the continuing problem in many countries which is poverty.

Though I’m not concern about answering all the problems in the world, because I think that would be crazy. But it would be better to improve oneself for the betterment of the world. Start change within you, before changing the things around you.