The Basic Guide: How To Remove Beer Bottle Labels

It is not every time that you love some of the unique beer labels and wish to keep them with you. But it is not easy takes to remove the labels from the beer bottles without damaging hem. If you wish to remove those labels and keep it in your collection of the labels, then we are here to help you out. In this article, we have mentioned down some of the tips that will surely help you to safely remove the labels from the beer bottle of your choice and store it for later.

Step 1: Firstly you will have to collect the beer bottles whose beer labels you wish to remove. You can choose as many bottles as you wish to.

Step 2: now what you need to do is to soak those bottles in water. Make sure that the bottles are complete submerged. You can use a plastic bucket or any of the other containers to soak the bottles in the water.

Step 3: after the bottles have been dipped in the water for some time make sure to add some dish soap to it. You need to leave the bottles soaked in the water for about twelve to twenty four hours. The longer these bottles will remain submerged in water the easier it will be to remove the labels without any need for scrubbing.

The last step that you need to complete is to remove the labels from the bottle gently. The beer labels will slide right off from the bottles without any need for extra scrubbing or having to remove the labels forcefully. If you are finding some of the labels to be hard to remove then dip it again in the bucket with the soapy water.