How To Find And Hire Qualified Virtual Assistants

Hiring virtual assistant is the most in demand job position online because employers from other countries can’t keep up with the workload. Not only that it’s in demand but at the same time a high paying job, an added bonus to it is that you can just do it at home with a good set of computer or a laptop. The responsibilities of a virtual assistant are, doing the administrative tasks such as market research, data entry, setting up/scheduling appointments, sending updated reports, entertaining inquiries and so on. An employer would benefit a lot from VAs since they will help market and grow the business.

You’ve come up with the delegated task that they will be doing as your VA. The next step will be, searching job sites and hiring one.

Here the ways to find and hire a virtual assistant.

The Best Virtual assistant services. Resourcing is the key to hire employees, this is an online agency services that has a lot of listed profile of qualified virtual assistants. You no longer need to worry on looking by yourself because the agency will do all of the work for you but the only con here is that they aren’t able to look the specified type of employee you go for.

  • Onlinejobp It is one of the most famous job site in the Philippines wherein you can find a freelance virtual assistants, can either work full time or part time. Virtual assistants with years of experience and specified skills, you can also negotiate for the salary and can settle for long term position.
  • Zirtual. For this type of service, the plan starts at $398 per months that’s for 12 hours of delegated tasks from US college based virtual assistants.
  • Peopleperhou Just like onlinejobsph, you’re allowed to post jobs and look for qualified virtual assistants with a wide range of professional services such as web design, data entry and so on. It comes with an hourly rate payment or could either be a fixed price project.