3 Tips In Choosing A Fun Wedding Photo Booth

Weddings are always memorable. There’s the romantic ceremony, the fun reception and the crazy games that everyone enjoys. It’s a celebration of families and friends coming together to witness a couple’s union. It’s such an important event that it’s only right to have it properly documented.

So what makes a great wedding worth remembering? It’s when the guests are able to bring home a memorabilia of the night. We’re not talking about photo selfies and drunken video shots of the night. We’re talking about printed physical photos you can actually display on your living room shelves or work tables. We’re talking about fun photo booths that do all these for you.

Here are 3 tips in choosing a fun wedding photo booth for your reception:

Choose Your Backdrop

Your backdrop shouldn’t be too dull so when your guests use it to take photos, the photos look alive and vibrant. Choose a minimalist looking backdrop so it doesn’t drown out the subjects. Avoid getting loud backdrops since it destroys the focus of the viewers. Keep it simple so your photos look beautiful.

Use Props

Props are what makes a photo booth fun. Guests can use funny looking hats, masks and signage while they’re posing. These help in keeping pictures funny. These also help in people who don’t know how to pose so they can hold something and keep their hands busy. Props help set the tone of a fun photo booth experience.


How do you like your photos displayed? Do you want it on the fridge? How about on your work table? Choose a unique style where your photos can be printed on such as a magnet, Polaroid strip or the usual classic standee.

With the right background, props and a unique photo style, your guests will enjoy using the photo booth you got. They’ll take lots of pictures home making your wedding memorable. Book the nearest photobooth Toronto branch for your next event and you won’t ever regret it.