Why Should You Learn Apk Development?

Are you planning a career in app development? With apps governing a lion’s share of our daily activities, app development assures a bright career opportunity. But are you in a dilemma on whether to learn development of Apple apps or apps for Android? A smarter choice would be to go for APK (Android Package Kit) development, i.e. Android app development. The post below offers a brief on the advantages of learning Android app development for budding developers.

Promising numbers

  • Android makes the chief OS for around 300 smartphones, 6 E-readers and also 90 tablets
  • Approximately 2 million Android systems are activated worldwide everyday
  • Google Play Store is bustling with 3.6 million apps & new apps are added frequently
  • More that 60 percent of Android APKs or applications are available free of cost which means high demand for Android apps

Thus, you see you have a booming and dynamic app market waiting for you here. Apple’s app store also represents a large market but the Google one is always bigger in size.

Excellent job prospects

This is certainly one of the best reasons to learn APK development. Given the heightened popularity of Android apps these, many development companies carry a separate department for Android developers. Needless to mention, Android APK developers are some of the highest paid professionals in the tech career sector.

Besides, Android app development also makes it easier for you to hone your skills in app development for other kinds of operating systems.

Ability to touch high prices

If you can actually create a master app, you can price your Android APK at incredible prices which can be as high as $150+! There is actually an app at Google Play that has been priced at $200. But then, you will have to ensure a really powerful app for such a heightened price point.