Pump Up Your Instagram Game With These Tips

Alright, now that you already have set up your Instagram page, and added a bunch of stuff there, yet followers come in slowly. Why is that so? Because sometimes people want to experience more engaging material, things that are pretty out of the ordinary, out of your profile. Sometimes cute photos and remarkable stories won’t suffice. What you need is to step up your Instagram Game.

Partnership With Other Influencers

Other people in Instagram takes advantage of the fact that they have some celebrity friends. They ask for their celebrity friends to help them elevate their status on Instagram. Thus, this is by having their name mentioned ion their friend’s Instagram page and their ink too. In this way, they can also get some followers out of their friend’s existing followers. A nifty trick isn’t it?

Create Engaging Activities

Some famous Instagram personalities utilize contests and giveaways to garner more followers online. I mean, people love stuff, especially ones that are free. With this way, you can increase your brand awareness, as well as finding new followers and get website traffic. Thus, this can also add an emotional connection to people, even if they don’t win any prizes.

Take Advantage Of Live Streams

Live streaming is a great way brand, and influencers show their followers their behind-the-scenes events and also to be interactive with them. Followers can also ask questions, request for shoutouts, and get instant replies from their Instagram personalities. It doesn’t mean that you need to stream live every day, at least once or twice a week will do. This influencer-follower connection is significant in maintaining and gaining more followers in the future.


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