Fitness Workout Tips For Soccer Players

Fitness is extremely crucial for soccer players. Football demands its players to be in constant and high-intensity action which requires optimum fitness. Thus, soccer coaches should be mindful about incorporating fitness workouts in their training schedule.

Workouts that train the entire body

Soccer fitness workout schedules should include games as well as exercises that can train a player’s entire body. Look for games which work on strength, speed, endurance as well as agility of a player. One good tip here would be to make the players play in varied positions in a game. This would ensure workout on different body parts.

Interval training is important

Interval training schedules refer to programs where hard sprints are alternated with brief rest periods. It enables body to scale up to optimum speed as well as recover energy fast. Put simply, it’s better not to go for no-break prolonged hours of exercise as that can exhaust all your energy too early. Here is a sample schedule for interval training.

  • warm up with 5-10 minutes of jog
  • 30-seconds sprint
  • 1 minute jogging
  • alternate jogging/sprinting for nine more sprints
  • 5-10 minutes jog to help one cool down

The “jog” period here refers to break time.

Workouts to enhance agility & reaction speed

Cone runs

Arrange some cones in zig-zag fashion. Now, run over the course with sharp turns right around every cone.

Box jumps

You must land on toes as well as spring back promptly.


make two lines that will be 20 yds. apart. Now, a player will sprint straight to end and touch line as well as sprint back.

Physical fitness is at the crux of a powerful soccer game. But then, mental agility is no less important. Thus, coaches should also concentrate on enhancing focus and concentration levels among players with games like PokerQQ or other such analytical games.