Health Benefits and Risks of Cannabis on People

Let’s say; Cannabis is illegal in other countries. For Canada, it’s legal. Cannabis industry affects both medical and market sector. Cannabis medication has legalized in Canada since July of 2001. Canadian Government begins a social experiment that alters the legalization of Cannabis for both recreational and medical purposes. And it also affects its social, economic, and cultural fabric. As a result, medical marijuana introduced.

Furthermore, Cannabis has researched for its medical uses. For example, its health benefits, fight cancer cells, and recreational purposes. Indeed, cannabis products are more popular medications for Canadians than other prescribed medications, you can read in brief about it on

Health Benefits

Cannabis legalization had researched since then for its medical uses. Canadian Government ensures that the legalization of Cannabis will also provide medicinal purposes. A recent study shows that Cannabis has many components that fight chronic pain. And it relieves post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. And even cure or treat many sclerosis and epilepsy patients.

In the same way, research for Cannabis shows that its compound called cannabinoids. This compound substance found in Cannabis may prevent cancer cells from spreading. And slow down the growth of the cells.

Health Risks

To the public eyes, Cannabis is often seen to be harmless. It has adverse effects on the users. The heavy dose of Cannabis may cause mental health problems. Even though the legalization of Cannabis. Many Canadians suffer from psychological issues and respiratory diseases and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases or asthma. It may also cause lung cancer through smoking. It contains the same harmful toxins and carcinogens like you find in smoking tobacco. It also affects your mental state like psychosis, including schizophrenia. Here are some of the effects of abusing cannabis use:

  • The difficulty of thinking and memorizing
  • Mood change
  • Impaired memory
  • Hallucination (consuming high doses)
  • Psychosis
  • Increase heart rate
  • And breathing problems


Cannabis research is not yet to prove, whether it’s harmful or useful. Above all, cannabis research has a long way to go to determine its uses in medical purposes