4 Most Important Soccer Skills To Teach Youth Players

Have you been recently appointed as a coach for a team of youth soccer players? Well, if it is your first time as a youth coach, you must be exploring on ideas about the primary skills to teach the young players. With young players, you have to prepare the players from ground up and it’s different than coaching adult players. The post below offers a brief on the most significant skills to teach youth players.


Passing is not just about aiming & kicking. Players should be taught the art of controlling passes with strategic kicks with various parts of the feet. To develop strategic thinking in your players, you can encourage them to play analytical card games like DominoQQ.


Dribbling refers to the ability to get full control of the ball so that one can move the ball in varied directions with his feet. As a coach, you must teach your players to dribble with outside and inside of feet and look right up while dribbling. The focus should be more on control instead of speed.

Receiving & controlling

Being a coach, you definitely know that receive & control in football can be done with any body part (just not the hands). This is a very important technique that should be taught to aspiring professional soccer players from a very young age. It’s to note here passes on ground are always more convenient to receive compared to passes in air. So, you should start with passes on ground first.


You will see not many players are enthusiastic about heading in youth team. They fear they will get hurt in the process. But as a coach, you must encourage your players to embrace heading opportunities tactfully. Teach them how to best utilize their forehead sideways and forward for heading without getting hurt.