The England Football Team: Why They Keep Failing?

Is England your favourite football team? Are you satisfied with the way they’ve been playing in recent years or do you keep asking yourself in frustration, why does the England Team play such bad football? Well, here’s a theory you might find convincing. The competitiveness of the English Premier League is the one thing the league is famous for and makes it arguably the best domestic football league in Europe and probably the world. This competitiveness though, does harm the prospects of the national team and hampers its progress in ways more than once.

Why is the Competitiveness of the EPL hampering the national team’s progress?

  • The EPL is a big money league where relegation is the ultimate doom and the one thing every team must avoid to stay on the right side of the business. For the major teams, winning the EPL is what their fans expect from them every year, and failure is met with managers getting sacked, and players booed off the pitch. The competitiveness of the league means that there isn’t a single match to be considered easy hence not allowing the young talent from England to get exposed to the high-octane footballing action like playing poker on judi online they would come across in International matches and major FIFA tournaments.
  • The starting line-up of the England team is comprised mostly of players of the top EPL clubs; these players play against each other with all their heart for most of the year which makes it very hard for them to gel and play together for the national team.

Millions of football fans who love the England football team and wish to see them play well and lift major tournaments in Europe and all over the world but have faced repetitive disappointment at the hands of the team. The FA needs to look into these failures and the possible reasons behind them.