Towing Tips To Save Time And Money

If you won a truck and trailer, one of the things you have to make sure is that it is set up and maintained properly. This Is the ultimate tip in order for you to save on time and money with your towing trucks. Automotive vehicles may share common factors with some of these. These little steps, however, when implemented can help to assure you that you will be making the most out of your tow truck, With that said, what are some practical tips you can employ for you to save on time and money?

Get a Proper Tongue Weight

The rule of thumb for better stability is for your tongue weight to be at 10 to 15 percent of the total weight of the trailer. Not having a sufficient spring rate suspension should be addressed by getting a good equalizing hitch, which in turn would shift the weight of the tongue to the front axle.

Tire Pressure and Safety Chains

Checking tire pressure and getting the safety chains installed correctly are crucial in every tow truck. In the case of safety chains, it is best to get an X pattern under the hitch. Its consequence is that it will reduce the damage brought about by the rig. Getting the tire pressure right all the time will also help the tow truck to run at a smoother pace, and in the process would eat up less gas.

Battery Charge

Manual charging has to be done in a lot of instances. These trailers with brakes that are operated electrically also has a gauge which allows you to check on the batteries regularly. Make it a point to get your batteries charged correctly, for in this process the trailer brakes will get actuated, just in case the hitch will come apart.