Home Grown Rules Settled: Illionois Proceeds To The Legalization Of Marijuana

The legalization of marijuana has made some progress over the years, with some countries legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. However, the fight is still not ever. Some countries and states still have some laws prohibiting the use of marijuana. Some places also have strict restrictions on marijuana use, even for medicinal use.

  1. Other legal substances such as alcoholic beverages and tobacco are more dangerous compared to marijuana

The truth regarding cigarette prohibition is really much superior compared to the reasons regarding the marijuana ban. Alcohol is much more harmful than marijuana, but it is not banned. The same can be said for cigarettes as well.

  1. Marijuana has huge projected tax income if legalized

A current study done by Fraser Institute discovered that making marijuana legal and then imposing taxes on it can make a huge income. More money for the government means better service to the people, which is always better.

  1. The prohibition of marijuana creates an underground scene for trading

Just because something is banned doesn’t mean that people will stop doing it. At most, they will just go underground. Just like alcoholic beverages ban basically made the Mafia in the United States, the same is also true for Marijuana. Marijuana ban has established an underground market in which criminal activity not related to cannabis but linked to individuals who market and make use of the substance are bred. This also leads to the formation of organized crime groups peddling marijuana. Have you ever wondered about how people who buy weed online get it packaged? If marijuana would be legalized, the question will be obsolete. No one would be buying illegally on the internet anymore, and as such, there will be no need to buy with illegal sellers.