Music Guide: Types Of Music With No Lyrics

People are probably accustomed to music with vocals. A lot of great music that garnered numerous awards all have one thing in common: they are accompanied with a talented singer. However, did you know that there is a type of music that is without lyrics or vocals of any kind? Welcome to the world of music with no lyrics, also known as instrumental music.

The birth of instrumental music

The most well liked and reputed type of music with no words is known as instrumental audio. The background of instrumental audio dates back many years before, after humans first started tinkering with musical instruments. When even more musical instruments surfaced, developed and performed, the musical arrangements grew to become more complicated, well-known and abundant. Today, you will find a large number of music styles focused completely on music without having any form of lyrics. That type of music is known as instrumental music.

Types of instrumental music

Easy listening

Easy listening music is a type of music that is purely instrumental. It is generally mixed in with elevator music, however, they are entirely different. A few songs with lyrics have an “easy listening” version, which is typically used as a theme song for movies and tv shows. Easy listening music is characterized by its slow tempo compared to the original composition, and sometimes incorporating saxophones.

Dance music

This is the music that is being played on the dance floor. One form of dance music is EDM, which stands for Electronic Dance Music. EDM is composed entirely of music made from digital synthesizers. Those types of music can be normally heard at parties.

There are a lot more type of music without lyrics available, which will allow you to finally get rid of a lyric video production company.