What Are The Advantages Of Elastics In Sewing Garments?

When sewing a garment, one of the important materials that you may need is Knoopsgatenelastiek. This material allows the fabric to be stretched. Elastic is used in different garments for children or babies that make the clothes still wearable after a couple of years. But the advantages of elastic do not end there. This helpful material in sewing is also used in wide variety of clothes or garments. Here are the different types of elastic and their advantages:

Woven Elastic

This type of elastic is commonly used for apparel. There are a lot of good things about woven elastic. One of them is that it is very easy to work with. Usually, woven elastic is in ½’ to 8 inches width. If you are also looking for inexpensive elastic, woven type is the best deal.

Knitted Elastic

This type of elastic is considered as lightweight making it the best material for lingerie and other elasticized sleeve cuffs or necklines. It is also suitable for delicate items such as dresses and blouses. The good thing about knitted elastic is that it doesn’t get narrow when stretched.

Braided Elastic

Just like knitted elastic, braided elastic is used in delicate garments like lingerie and blouses. It is also soft, lightweight and a great element to combine with lightweight fabrics. Braided elastic is available in white and black color

Elastic Cording

Elastic cording is quite different from other elastics as it is used more for crafts rather than sewing. Hence, it is used in making necklaces, anklets and bracelets.

Clear Elastic

From the word itself, clear elastic is cleared in color and usually used in straps for dresses and tops that are designed to appear strapless. It is also commonly used in bras that need to appear strapless as well.