All That You Should Consider About Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat transfer vinyl is used to transfer designs and patterns on T shirts, bags, jackets, etc. If you are intrigued by the idea that you can actually wear a T shirt with whichever design you like then you definitely should get it. Before you go, here are somethings that you should know:

  1. Colors

Vinyl is usually sold in black and sometimes in colors of the rainbow. It is important that you make sure what colors you want as you can’t just go and pick up some other colors every time you have the need.

  1. Quantity

Make sure how what quantity you require, is it just a single sheet or an assortment? Then only buy the sheets.

  1. Size

The large sizes are basically for those who have bulk orders to create. Newbies who are in just for creative designs can just use small sizes and amounts.

  1. Transfer Time

Transfer time is an important factor. It decides how much work can you get done and how the job is done. Some will take just 10 seconds to transfer, while some can take a lot longer for that.

  1. Pressure

Make sure that the product that you get can work with the pressure you apply. Some can even work under the light pressure by a press of iron while some may require professional machines.

  1. Washable

If you want the best results then get the vinyl that can easily be washed. When you wash some of the heat transferred vinyl is washed off but that can be avoided by getting the ones that are washable. You can check that under specifications or user reviews.

These were the things you should know before buying heat transfer vinyl in you want to get best results.