A Brief Guide On Evolution Of Adventure Games

Do you know the first ever adventure games were text-based? Surprisingly yes! Adventure games have come a long way today from text-based ones to videos rich in amazing visuals and audio effects. Well, by now, you must be interested about the journey of adventure games all through these years? It could be that you are looking for a change in between your poker sessions on sites like The good thing is the post below traces the evolution of adventure games from their inception.

Text-based games

As mentioned earlier, the earliest adventure games were text-based. Developed around 1970s-1980s, these games used text parsers for translating play inputs into computer commands. Put simply, players back then had to fight and cross challenges through word commands instead of console controls that you see today. Will Crowther’s “Adventure” was the pioneer of text-based adventure games.

Getting visual

Adventure games took a “visual” turn with “Adventure” released by Atari 2600 in 1980. It used pixilated graphics for different elements of the game while the protagonist was shown in colored square.

Very soon, the adventure game genre shifted to point-and-click interfaces. The phrase refers to an interface that is mostly controlled b y PC mouse with minimal or zero input on part of keyboard.

Development of gaming consoles and advanced computers

The advancement in PCs and development of gaming consoles stand for a major milestone in the world of adventure games. Such developments helped the adventure gaming industry to design games in full video with trendy audio effects that were not possible before. The world saw the launch of more powerful PCs armed with dedicated chips especially for high-graphic video. Besides, the gaming consoles came up with more options on controlling a game. It gave more freedom and versatility in gaming control compared to point-and-click interfaces.

Adventure games have a long way to go and gamers are about experience many more developments in the genre.