Poo Dragon: How Can I Acquire This Disgusting Yet Awesome Dragon?

Admit it, we all have that fascination when it comes to Poo. I know some of you may feel squirmy or even be disgusted by just hearing or reading the word. But sometimes, not all Poo is disgusting, some of them are somewhat cute and adorable.

Wait, what?? poo being adorable? That may sound like bonkers or nuts, but hear me out first. If you play Dragon City, you might be familiar with this one, but for those who don’t, then n keep reading.

The Dirtiest Dragon There Is

Yep, it is dirty, yucky, and disgusting, and that is the Poo Dragon. Albeit it is not that powerful as other dragons in-game, being a pile of dung with a face and limbs, Poo Dragon excels in one thing: and that is to bring fortune.

The Poo Dragon or let’s just call him Poo, is considered as an exclusive dragon, albeit being the weakest among them. Also, Poo here is the very first Tribrid of the game. This means that he is the first to have three elemental attributes. Way the go Poo!

How To Get Poo, Yep, How To Get Poo

On its first inception in the game, Poo is only available in a carnival event, and winning Poo requires seven correct answers. Later on, Poo was being offered on the in-game premium shop for 50 gems. Lastly, the game developers decided to make Poo can be acquired by inviting three friends to play the game (given that they are new to the game). Also, If you feel lazy to get Poo, You can do it the easy way, and that is through Dragon City Mobile Cheats, but it is up to you.

Whew! That’s a lot of Poo for a single paragraph to use!


Poo is one of those exciting and unique novelty dragons added to the game. If you are looking for a magic-spewing dragon or dragon that looks like Conan the Barbarian, Dragon city surely have one for your taste.