A Comparison Between Paper And Plastic Straws

Paper straws are the new trend nowadays. There are a lot of colorful variations, such as blue striped paper straws. However, did you know that paper straws do not have many advantages over plastic straws?

A lot of dining places have prohibited straws made from plastic material because of their damaging consequences to nature and the environment. Those restaurants have moved into using paper straws as an alternative. However, are paper straws truly more beneficial for the earth? Read this article for a thorough comparison between the two.

1. Environmental impact

Although it’s a fact that paper straws are not as detrimental when compared to plastic straws, this does not indicate that they are not hazardous by any means. In reality, paper straws can easily have a lot of damaging ecological consequences, particularly if they are wrongly cleaned up and removed.

2. What is cheaper to make: plastic straws or paper straws?

Paper straws are more expensive to produce compared to plastic straws. Food suppliers are searching for eco friendly options as increasing numbers of businesses dump the use of plastic straws. The most apparent option is straws made out of paper, however, they can be more expensive. This added expense will surely have an environmental detriment while having a minimal benefit over plastic straws.

3. Biodegradable straws are often not disposed of properly

This is the biggest reason why paper straws are not really as eco friendly as people thought it to be. The benefits of paper straws can only be taken advantage if they are properly disposed of. Most people do not, and paper straws will just end up in landfills in which their biodegradable properties are negated. That’s why the effort of many food establishments in replacing something as trivial as plastic straws are often wasted.