The Possible Ways Of Removing Hair Algae From Your Planted Aquarium

Planting an aquarium is not something which is a one time task. You need to take regular care of the thing so that the aquarium is in god conditions nad the fishes and plants are also safe inside. A lot of things such as the water and the vegetation inside the aquarium needs to take care of at the first place so that there is no problem with the plants and the fishes inside the aquarium. Hw water needs to be changed in order to keep supplying the needed minerals for the survival of plants and fishes.

Aquarzon Java Fern aquarium plants are available in the online market so that you can improve the planted aquarium with good vegetation. Algae growth is one of the major problems that may occur in your aquarium if you don’t take proper care of your aquarium.

How Can You Get Rid Of The Hair Algae?

There are possible ways in which you can remove the very dangerous hair algae which can cause some serious damage to your fishes and plants inside. The manual method of removing algae involves hands which are used to plug out the algae growth from the aquarium. If the algae growth is stuck with the plants then the plants are required to be taken out of the tank and then the algae growth should be plucked out carefully from their roots so that they can never grow again.

There are certain fish species which are known to eliminate the growth of hair algae by eating them. If the situation is worse that it cannot be handled manually, you can go for these fishes which can help you.

There are no doubt possible methods of removing algae growth, but it is very important to undertake some precautionary care so that one doesn’t have to encounter a situation in which you have to remove algae growth.

What are the factors that induce the growth of the algae?

An alga is a green plant-like, an organism that grows at a place with appropriate light, heat, and moisture. The stagnant water in the aquarium has all of it in the perfect quantity. This is why you will find algae spread all over the water, the sand you used in the aquarium and even on the plants. Along with this, the organic waste produced by the fishes in excessive amount because you feed them in excessive quantity also contributes to the growth of the algae.

What are the worse effects of algae on the living creatures of the aquarium?

The algae floating over the water surface proliferates and harms both aquatic plants and fishes. This compromises with the health of the living creatures and the quality of the water. It competes with the plants and fishes from getting the nutrients and the minerals from the habits.

To be specific, algae also requires carbon dioxide to grow, and so does the plant. The receivers are two while the produce is just one, the fishes. On the other scenario, when algae die, it takes oxygen to decompose. Here it competes with the fish, same way, the producer just plants, and the consumers are algae and the fishes.

Also, besides these facts, the algae make the aquarium look ugly and overcrowded. So, the note to the wise is that it is suitable for these living creatures if you remove and prevent the growth of algae.