How Will A Bankruptcy Attorney Help To File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

A recommended way to get rid of burdensome debt is by filing for bankruptcy. However filing for bankruptcy is a complicated process and an individual may find it difficult to do it himself. A good and easy way is by hiring a professional bankruptcy attorney. Albeit you need to pay out his fees yet you can be assured of proper legal filing for bankruptcy, and the proceedings that follow.

What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Depending upon one’s situations, he/she can choose to file for either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 is generally preferred by those who are left with a little income at the end of each month and have minimal assets. In this type of bankruptcy the trustee cancels many or all of his/her debts, or may liquidate some assets to pay off creditors.

Below are few ways in which a bankruptcy attorney can help filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy:

  1. Your bankruptcy lawyer will guide you in all legal proceedings

The bankruptcy attorney is supposed to be competent in his field and will provide you with sound legal advice as and when needed. He will enlighten you with all legal proceedings in order to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

  1. A bankruptcy attorney will file and prepare your Chapter 7 bankruptcy paperwork

Filing for bankruptcy is a complicated process, as stated above. It involves a lot of complex paperwork. You can very well expect your bankruptcy attorney to prepare all the paperwork. They have the needed know-how, experience and specialized software that make this job easier. All you need to do is to provide your financial information to your lawyer for filing your Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

  1. Your attorney will represent you at all hearings

A bankruptcy lawyer is expected to represent his/her client at different hearings, for example, 341 meeting of creditors, Chapter 7 reaffirmation hearings etc.