3 Tips to Improve Your Short Game & Lower Your Scores

Playing golf is not much difficult but needed to be played by knowing all the tips and strategies by which you can hit the ball. It is better to learn how to hit the ball further by making less effort. It is important to learn how to improve the ball striking consistency to play the short game effectively. Players must know about the tips and principles of the game and must follow them to play the game better and enjoy the game. You can also contact bandar togel terpercaya and get the tips of the lottery.

It is important to play with more consistency and hit the ball solid to lower down the scores. Let us know some of the simple golf tips to improve your game and lower your scores:-

Make the target well

For achieving your target, you need to use 60-degree club stance as this will help your club to move through the grass. You need to swing along the target line, and this can be done if your clubface is angled towards the right.

Bounce on Pitches

To make a pitch shot, you need to use a bounce as this is the best method or idea. You need to place your hands in line as if they are wrongly placed, and then there are more chances that your club will stuck into the grass.


Be attentive while chipping

The arms help in controlling the chipping stroke. You need to pay more attention to your left arm when chipping. Also, for both backswing and downswing, you need to position your left arm in the right position.

These tips will be helpful in improving your short game and lower down the scores. It is important to have a good body posture to hit the ball hard, and the ball position is much important to start a swing.