Intel Gaming Cpus Vs Amd Gaming Cpus

If you are looking to upgrade the CPU on your PC for gaming purposes, you might already be looking for the one that suits your needs. When it comes to gaming processors, the two popular and reliable brands that come into vision are Intel and AMD. You can study various features of the different Intel and AMD processors before deciding the best option for you. Intel’s Core and AMD’s Ryzen line of processors are amazing for various gaming needs.

Features to consider for comparing processors from Intel and CPU:

  1. Cores and Threads

The number of cores defines the number of jobs the CPU can handle simultaneously. Threads also help in speedy processing.

  1. Clock Speed

Another processor performance metric, clock speed is denoted by Ghz. It is the number of cycles the processor can run in a unit of time.

  1. TDP

Thermal Design Power is the amount of heat the component is expected to give off.

Intel vs. AMD gaming processors

  • AMD’s Ryzen line of processors is comparable to Intel’s Core line of processors in terms of gaming requirements.
  • With Ryzen, AMD offers a multitude of cores and threads. Intel always had a great variety of processors with different cores and threads to choose from.
  • Intel’s Core processors are comparatively faster. This is because of the Turbo Boost feature which significantly increases speed despite lower base clock speeds. It is only with the new line of Ryzen 3rd gen chips that you can get comparable speeds.
  • Both AMD Ryzen and Intel Core have budget-friendly as well as enthusiast-friendly processors to choose from.
  • All Ryzen processors can be unlocked for overlocking, while Intel Core processors with only X or K can be overclocked.

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