Check out what type of jewelry material woman is into? Spoilers alert: it’s Silver!!

Most girls and ladies wear one or other kind of jewelry. Let it be rings, bracelets, pendants, nose studs or earrings. These are the perfect part of the aesthetic style. Those were the times, the ancient times when women preferred large and a hell lot of expensive jewelry material. Today, women prefer something affordable yet stylish and graceful. All these wishes are fulfilled by 929 silver.

The reason why sterling jewelry is most worn is that it is versatile.

By the term versatile, I mean that silver jewelry is highly beneficial. Not only it makes us looks elegant and gracious, but also it is good for our health. Silver is believed to protect us from infection, anxiety, temper and even heals wounds. Next, it is affordable and comes in a wide variety of designs. Silver jewelry can be worn by any gender or age group!

Types of silver jewelry available for women: earrings, chains, necklaces, rings, pendants, nose pins, hair accessories, toe rings, anklets, brooches, charms, etc.

Another reason behind women choosing silver jewelry is that it won’t ever look too much! Wear it on date night, on formals in office or on lehengas in the wedding! You will nail the look and be very much presentable.

What do we know about 929 silver?

Firstly, another name for this type of jewelry silver is sterling silver. The digit 929 specifies the purity of Silver in the jewelry. In 929 Silver, 92.9% of pure Silver is present and rest 7.1% of jewelry constitutes of base metal that can be copper or germanium. Why is it so? It is hard to make pure silver jewelry. Well, neither it comes in pretty designs nor is durable. Lastly, whenever in doubt, wear silver jewelry.