3 Top Selling Video Games Of All Time

Are you out of games to play and want to play good video games that are not necessarily released this year? Have you become bored of playing on online gambling websites such as bandarq? If yes, then be sure to check out the list below, which shows the top games of all time that you will surely enjoy playing.

1. Pacman
Pacman is an arcade game that was surely played by the majority of people. If you haven’t played this classic game already, be sure to do so as it is still fun today as it was decades ago.
2. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
This game was released back in 1998 by Nintendo, and since then was cemented as the best Zelda video game that was released. Gamers were amazed by the visuals as well as the game play of the video game in comparison with various other Zelda game titles. It is the first time that a Zelda game featured 3D visuals. Initially created for the console Nintendo 64DD, it was launched on a 256 megabit game cartridge that holds the record as the biggest cartridge manufactured by Nintendo.
3. The Sims
Often regarded as probably the most profitable computer game franchise in recent history, “The Sims” has distributed greater than 150 million games around the world. The sims is a life simulation computer game that is also proclaimed as the best-selling series on PC of all time.
The open ended video game was created by Maxis. The developer have since became known as The Sims Studio, with the games on the series being  released by Electronic Arts. The game play consists of generating digital people known as “Sims” who are put into houses in which gamers can lead their activities and fulfill their needs.