How To Recover the Texts Deleted From Phone?

Many times people delete messages that are important to them while factory reset, rooting, or simply deleting the message threads occupying the memory. One-click and it is all gone. Never to recover and gone forever, or is it?

It IS possible to recover the deleted texts from the phone whether it is Android or iphone. Following are the steps that can be followed to easily get back the deleted messages.

How To Recover Deleted Messages On Android?

To recover messages on Android Users need a third-party appfor it whether recovering from computer or phone itself.

If you are using a phone, download an app to recover the deleted texts on the device. After it launches, click on Recover SMS. On next screen you can scan the lost texts.Nowclick on the texts which you wish to be retrieved and now your final step is to click Restore.

If you have a computer then just connect the phone to a computer with an app to recover the lost texts. Now switch on the USB debugging in case it’s not, so the device can connect to the computer. You will find an option over there which says ‘Restore Text’ click on it. Analyse the device and authorize the pop-up window asking for permission.Now all the messages will be on the screen, deleted and existing alike. Choose the ones you want to retrieve.

How to recover deleted iMessages on iPhone

  • Click on Settings
  • At the top, click the arrow next to the user name.
  • Tap on iCloud and then on iCloud Backup.
  • Check if the time of the last backup was before the text was deleted, if yes, choose the backup which is pre-dating the deletion of text.
  • Then go back to settings, click on General.
  • Click Reset option
  • Then Erase All Content and Settings.
  • Allow the pop-up for confirmation. Do not choose ‘Backup Then Erase’

Using the above steps, any user, whether Android or iphone can retrieve the lost texts easilywithout hassle.There are many different source  from which you can retrieve deleted messages.