3 Biggest Trends In Sports Marketing In 2019

Sports marketing has come a long way from basic sports merchandise promotion to Serena Williams inspiring women to fight back unfair stereotypes on the court. Akin to any marketing scene, sports marketing is an evolving space and is largely influenced by latest technologies and changes in temperament. So, what are the major trends in sports marketing this year? Please read below to know more.

By the women, for the women

Gone are the days when sports was considered to be predominantly a male arena. Today, women are increasingly participating in sports and women sports events are also commanding rising viewership. As per the reports from Nielsen Sports, 84% sports fans have claimed to find women participation in sports more progressive and inspiring. Marketers has already found a huge marketing potential in this shift of mindset which has led to a growing number of women-led sports marketing campaigns.

Introduction of AR

The “immersive” quotient of Augmented Reality technology has really caught up with the leading sports teams today. And, they are making the best of it to engage with fans and pull them even closer. For example, Bayern Munich came up with a cool AR interface for fans in 2017. The AR-powered interface allowed fans to insert themselves virtually and take selfies with star players of the team. More and more teams are following Bayern Munich’s footsteps ever since.

Increased use of social media

It seems that sports marketers today almost swear by social networking sites. In other words, social media channels seem to be predominant in almost every promotional activity for sports teams, clubs and players. For example, clubs or players may announce about the team fixtures for coming matches. They also use these platforms to offer insights about games like Tips poker 88. Besides, social media channels are also used for sharing sports-related news and promotional offers.