Writing a Narrative Essay: Improving My Creative Writing

Whether you are a professional, student or a business owner, essay writing is an important skill that you must learn. With a lot of aspects in work that require essay, being able to write such prose is definitely an advantage. For students, paper work, reflective paper, research work etc., have been part of their school requirements. For professionals, writing a report to the superior is one of the crucial tasks to do. For business owners, writing a proposal is a key in gaining more clients and partners. In this light, we can fairly say that essay writing is indeed a necessity nowadays. Hence, to help you out, this article will give you some tips on how to effectively write a narrative essay.


In any kind of essay, clarity is an essential element. An essay that can be easily understood by the readers is considered a good composition. That said, you should always make sure that your essay delivers clarity. This will be possible by choosing the right words in your sentences.

Construct Your Flow Properly

Another thing that you should be careful with when writing an essay is the flow of your composition. This means that you should be able to organize your thoughts. Thus, it is advisable to always take down notes all the main ideas of your essay and so your supporting details must be clearly expressed.

Start Strong and End Right

Your introduction is a very crucial part of your essay. This will serve as the mirror of your entire composition. A good introduction always catches the attention of the readers right away. Consequently, your conclusion must always sound right.

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