How would incorporation of gaming improve your branding efforts?

Do you know Nike incorporated its popular Air Jordan trainers into Fortnite platform last May and allowed gamers to play and crack difficult challenges in Jordans? Another interesting fact is that Wendy’s created a special avatar specifically for Fortnite. The avatar of the famous food chain was introduced to Fortnite after the game launched a new mode for food fight. Well, all these are great examples of how leading brands are incorporating the gaming world into their marketing or branding efforts. The goal here is to leverage their brands based on the huge influence of modern gaming world on its massive player-base. The post below shares a brief on how incorporation of gaming would improve your branding efforts.

Exposure before a large target audience

Gaming is enjoyed by all, irrespective of age, gender and location. Put simply, the gaming world is bustling with a massive audience-base. Thus, if you align your marketing campaign with gaming, your brand will easily get a huge exposure before an active audience-base.

High engagement

Video or online games like shooter games or casino games on AsikQQ, garner a whooping 86-90 percent engagement rates. So, when you utilize a gaming platform to promote your product or brand, you will get to reap that same high level of engagement for your business as well.

Does not appear too salesy

Gaming is something that gamers love to do. When you introduce your brand to people through something they love to do- your efforts do not appear to be too salesy. In reference to the Nike’s example above, Fornite launched special challenges and exclusive skins for players who were ready to play in Nike’s Jordans. Most of the gamers didn’t have a problem with that because they took it as a part of the game only. And, in the meantime, Nike enjoyed a successful promotion before a huge audience.