3 Golf Resolutions to take in the coming year

Golf demands immense perseverance and hours of practice to perfect the swings. With new year just round the corner, a lot of golfers are already busy drafting their new year resolution list to improve their game. Do you too want to come up with such a list and looking for suggestions? The post below offers a brief on the most crucial golf resolutions to take and follow in the coming year.

Maintain a daily exercise schedule

Though golf does not need you to be on the move like soccer or basketball yet the sport too demands excellent physical and mental fitness. If you are not physically fit your swings and hits would be badly compromised. If you are unable to control stress, you won’t be able to keep your focus straight on the course. For physical exercise, you may try out jogging, MLB중계 drills, pushups and other exercises. On the other hand, yoga and meditation would help to keep you calm and stress-free.

100 swings every day without ball

Do you need to work harder on your swings? Well, a good way to enhance your swings is to practice without ball. As the ball won’t be there, you would be compelled to visualize everything in your head. It would lead to a good practice and also enable you to pay more attention to position of address, top of win, top of swing and follow through.

Practice chipping

Are you worried about not being able to practice chipping outside due to snow? Well, you can always practice chipping inside with chipping nets. Yes, it won’t get the exact feel of real ball. But, it will push you to concentrate hard on target as well as repeat same motion constantly. After a prolonged holiday, most of the golfers suffer from lack of “touch”. Your indoor chipping practice will help you here.