Presenting You The Best Cheats And Tip Of Candy Crush Friends Saga

Friends Saga, the 4th game in series,  post original Candy Crush Saga, Soda Saga, and Jelly Saga. In case, you looking forward to excel here are the tips and the cheats you all need.


  • Never Use The Recommended Friends Wildly

At the beginning of each level, you need to opt between 3 friends.

  • Inquire Discussion Board

The makers of this game at times provide online events or contests, you get to earn more, gold bars and goodies.

  • Die Before Utilising Extras

Three kinds of lollipop candy is available. One blowout a candy, another move like wrapped candy, and finally third acts as striped candy.

  • Bonus At Bubblegum Levels

On and off, you will get across Bubblegum levels. The bonus levels undo a whole bundle of goodies once you pass them. Although you get alone one try every level.

  • Cheats To Earn You Life Without Waiting

Are you frustrated of waiting while you recharge lives? Presenting the best cheat for you all. Close the Candy Crush Friends Saga app on your phone.

Visit your phone’s setting, look for time menu and date, switch it to manual from automatic, and reset it as per post three hours.

Restart Candy Crush Friends Saga, you will notice your five lives are back again. Begin a level, and then again switch back to the settings.

Get back to the time menu and date and change it again to automatic from manual and the phone is revert to reality.

Though one wouldn’t advise you do this often, nevertheless on and off, it will help. If you doing it so often, you may want to check the addiction to the game and take some time-out instead some downloadable game hacks are available too.