5 Most Beneficial Fitness Routines For You And Your Family This Summer

Summer, the season of fashionable clothes after so many months of wearing hoodies and cardigans relaxing on the porch spending time on 먹튀DB. The time you can finally flaunt your body and dress up in sundresses and bikinis at beaches! If you’re a foodie and have let your love for food take control over the winter months, snuggling under the blanket, eating , and watching your favourite show, worry not because here are five of the best exercises for you to get back In shape.

  • Push-ups and leg-lifts

They are a great way to reduce fat from your whole body. For push-ups, lie flat on the ground, raise yourself up in a plank position, and then push yourself down with the help of your hands and back up again. For Leg lifts, support yourself on your hands on the ground and lift your leg up as high as you can and then bring it down. Avoid letting your leg touch the ground.

  • Inchworm Jacks

Get into the plank position, make sure you have distance between your legs, walk your hands back towards your feet quickly, raise your hands to the top of your head and clap. Repeat the process.

  • Booty Blaster

 Jump lunge with each of your legs and then end with a squat. Do 20 for each leg.

  • Dolphin Plank Pike

Get into the plank position, spread out your feet and hips, and clasp your hands together. Press down your arms and pike your hips up, pushing your chest inwards. Repeat the process.

  • Squat Jumps

Stand straight with your shoulders and feet apart. Lower your body into a squat and then swing your hands back and jump as high as possible. As soon as you land, squat again and repeat the process.