Discovering the Marvelous History of RuneScape

Now, as I know, many of you play Rune scape, a popular and addictive game on-line that has much more than you think to offer. This game all started in 1999 when the company Jagex decided to make a massive on line multi player game that would soon be rated number 1. This game has literally gone worldwide. It is actually played not only in Britain, former home to Jagex Studios. It is playable to anyone with Internet access on a PC or laptop. With time, this game started gaining its popularity as well as rising higher in the top best PC games. It was, and still is played by millions of players.

The only big threat to Jagex and its successful game, Rune scape, are hackers that often make bots or even search for glitches within the game to get more money and higher levels in the game. Soon, Rune scape players were being banned by the thousands every week for a few months. These players got carried away with the game, and were finally permanently banned from playing Rune scape. This is actually very sad, since Rune scape lost most of its players and struggled to keep up with the item prices and huge change that the hackers made by doubling items and making them much less expensive. Afterwords, people started thinking of the idea of selling their Rune scape accounts to make money in a quick and instant way. Soon afterwords, Jagex also banned the buying and selling of Rune scape accounts, even though it still secretly goes on among Rune scape players.

Some RuneScape players have gone to other games such as MMORPG and Situs poker among others. But some still try to find ways to gain advantage in the game.

Rune scape also has its own set of rules and guidelines to help you in the game and not get yourself banned both permanently and temporarily. There are also J Mods, also known as Jagex moderators that help people and control the game so no one cheats or says anything inappropriate. Then there are Forum Mods that help keeping the Rune scape Forums free of spam, junk, and inappropriate language. Then there are Jagex administrators, which are actually in Britain working for Jagex, and can ban, mute, raise your levels, experience points, money and many other things. They also help fix, and help create the Rune scape world.

There are many levels that you can advance and make money from. For example, if you mine, you can mine clay and sell it at the Grand Exchange, which is a market, or trade it to another player for money or items. There are also market prices for items. As you can see, Rune scape is a very fun, and challenging game with quests to do, and also many skills to practice such as attack, defense, strength, mage, range, cooking, fire making, woodcutting, mining, fishing, and many others such as agility, herb lore, farming, summoning, and many others. There are two ways to play Rune scape, the free way, or the member’s way. The free way, is off course, free. The members way, is 7 dollars, and 50 cents. Those 7 dollars and 50 cents give you more lands to explore in Rune scape, more items, more space in your bank, and access to more quests, challenges, and skills.

So come on over the website and try it out for free. It’s fun, addictive, and a good way to pass time, it doesn’t matter what country you are in, you can even play from china, so go to Rune and try it out for free now.